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Farming & Livestock needs


As we all have heard an exhausting amount of times during the last [almost three] years, Covid was TOUGH. Government policies left the most vulnerable [especially in developing nations] forgotten and threatened by famine. Due to the government lockdowns, many farming efforts at Lusungu Children’s Home (LCH) were put on pause as workers were required to stay home.

During our recent visit in October, we experienced the farming at the LCH beginning to ramp back up. As 2022 comes to a close, farming supplies are still in need. These include fertilizer, chicken feed, and equipment repairs. The farm feeds and supports the children and the greater community.


We have a goal of raising $6,000 before 2022 comes to a close. Would you join us in this push to support the kids at LCH and the community of Chingola, Zambia? We thank you in advance for linking arms with us and being a part of their thriving futures!

Farm Equipment

Chicken Feed



Piggery Repairs

Our desire is that each child has the opportunity to live in a safe environment so they can become strong and conscientious adults that better their community.